All alumni chapters are open to OCS alumni of all branches and all components, Active, Reserve or National Guard. This includes those who received commissions at branch schools prior to 1973 or through the current Army component systems for Active, Reserve or National Guard.

VMC’s 911 Remembrance


We are the Space/Treasure Coast Chapter (STCC) of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate Schools Alumni Association. 

We hail from many walks of life but share the common experience of OCS, no matter what year or which OCS we attended.  Current membership includes graduates of

  • Infantry
  • Engineer
  • Armor
  • Artillery
  • National Guard OCS

Four of our Founding Members are OCS Hall of Fame inductees.

Our area of operations includes Volusia, Orange, and Brevard Counties on Florida’s east coast; if you are an Army OCS graduate and reside within our AO, we invite you to join us.

We hold 3 General Meetings per year plus ad hoc social events. Learn more about our events.

What We Do

  • Help preserve the OCS legacy of sacrifice and service to our country
  • Raise Army’s leadership awareness of the crucial role of the OCS program in producing future leaders
  •  Participate in community service and help veterans in need
  •  Enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of fellow OCS alumni

We are committed to being a low-drag, minimal bureaucracy, socially active organization in which members contribute and participate as they are able.  We are a tenant organization of the Veterans Memorial Center, Merritt Island, FL.

We also are committed to attracting Afghanistan, Iraq, War on Terror veterans and active duty members in our AO.  We need your participation and support

Who can join

Graduates of any U.S. Army Officer Candidate School, including active duty, reserve and National Guard.  Individuals who served in some capacity with OCS – TAC officers for example – can become Associate Members.

Become a member of The US Army Officer Candidate Schools Alumni Association (   Annual membership is $55; Lifetime Membership is $300. 

Membership in STCC is free.

Contact info:

Rob McCall, (305) 923-9057,

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